11 definition by Hephaestus

Where a white guy has no chance with a white girl because she knows black men are bigger and better
Washington - "hey look man that fool just got black cock blocked by that fine ass white gyrl"
by hephaestus June 23, 2010

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interracial sexual experience
The white lady came time to return to her white husband following a deep state of sexual satisfaction in the arms of her black lover following her first intersexience.
by hephaestus May 06, 2007

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Something a black guys more likely to be carrying than a white guy
The white girl walked passed the black guy, looking down she could see he was packing 8+
by hephaestus June 06, 2007

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nigger fried
Where a black man with a large penis has stretched a white womans pussy and used her to the point where her white boyfriend / husband or the idea of any potential white male would be unable to feel her and satisfy her for several days.
Jamal with his 9" and thick used Jane for several hours of continuous sex, she was both stretched and raw from the sex. When Jane went home that evening her white husband was unable to satisfy Jane,he said "that nigger fried pussy, is no use to me". Jane longed for her next meeting with Jamal when he once again would be nigger fried
by hephaestus May 01, 2007

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