"Real shit" normally used in texting

Agreeing at a strong level
Person1:Hey I'm really bored


by Kingcomic124 March 30, 2017
Portuguese equivalent of LOL, an internet acronym for "risos", literally meaning "laughs".
by nic144 July 19, 2011
An abbreiviation for an MMORPG called runescape . A Very cool game.
What's your RS Combat Level?
by Inquisitor911 February 14, 2005
Abberviation for RuneScape, the massive online Java-based gamed by Jagex. It is not gay.. its cool.
bob:im getting rs today when will you be on?

jane:probably tomorrow
by bobie November 19, 2004

usually seen in online games like counter strike
Tom: Would u like rs ?
Mike: sure, after strat time
by sahrkov December 16, 2008
'Red Shite'

refers to Liverpool Football Club, all their satanic works, their followers, the very concept of LFC
'we don't care what the red shite says .....' (repeat ad nauseam)
by ash April 21, 2005