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An Aboriginal word describing not only a white person, but a white person who is interested in Aboriginal culture. It originates from the Mayi-Kutuna language of the Leichhardt River area of north Queensland where it meant ‘a person’. It has now been adopted nationally by Australian Aboriginals. In Aboriginal folklore, the migloo was the great white hunting whale of the ocean, hence the term being used to describe white people.
Hey, bruddah...check out the migloo.
by Scott-Patrick Mitchell May 26, 2008
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Stands for 'My Independent Go-Anywhere Loo'. Its a vehicle mounted changing suite, so enables anyone with a disability to get out and about because they can take their own hoist, changing bed/commode with them. Named after Mig Robinson famous medium who died in 2008.
M.I.G.L.O.O. is a kit will fit most disability vehicles on their roof rack, it can be used to hoist folk onto bean bags...the sand...a grassy now you can really be free to go where you want! First family who saw it said; "Oooh! Now we can ALL go to Italy !!" Great to just give you a break from being in your wheelchair too.
by Johnny Marky April 12, 2011
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An icy house where all the litle miglets go to rest.
After 9 o' clock Brandon had to go home to do his homework in his migloo.
by Hannah Banana!! July 09, 2006
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A russian igloo; A scotish term used for "my glue"
Let's go back home to our migloo; Oh crap, migloo is all over da place
by Daveco Lazentropaus April 04, 2003
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