56 definition by Hand Hanzo

One who praises Japan. A japanophile might listen to Japanese music, enjoy anime, surf 4chan, and maybe even have a fetish for hentai.
For example, me. I do everything listed above, and more.
1: I call myself 'Hand Hanzo' as a hip-hop recording name and street alias. Hanzo is a Japanese name.
2: I love anime and have a hentai fetish myself. I'm especially a big fan of yaoi.
3: I love Japanese music, my favorite band is L'Arc~en~Ciel, a pop-rock band that sounds WAY better than any band in America. Seriously, they fucking rule.
4: I am a resident of the 4chan imageboards, usually /b/, the Random board.
5: I wish to one day go to Japan, and see it all for myself. The dope ass bands, the yaoi, the penis festivals, everything.
by Hand Hanzo August 26, 2005

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An erection. Originating from my 2nd period teacher's misspelling of the word 'bonus', another bon- word appeared in my mind: boner. So if a boner is a penis, a bonous is when said penis gets hard.
Look at that dude! He's so old, he needs Viagra just to get a bonous!
by Hand Hanzo April 25, 2005

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The really cute camgirl on 4chan, who posts in the /b/ section. She's very sweet and brings smiles to all /b/-tards with her cute pics. The most popular 4chan camgirl since cracky-chan.
era is so cute! I look at my pictures of her every day, wishing that one day, we could meet face to face.
by Hand Hanzo April 01, 2005

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1:A derogatory term for anyone in the Realistic Educational Alternative for Children with Disabilities (REACH). Also see REACH kid

2:An insult; calling a person a REACHtard implies that such a person should be in REACH, or should have been in REACH; degrees above the word retard, but like the word retard, it can be used in either a serious or a non-serious manner.
Bryant: Hold up while you're going down the ramp.
Mom: (Flies off ramp, spreads wings and continues holding up)
Bryant: DUDE! Stop holding up!
Mom: Well you told me to hold up!
Mom: Ok...now what...(her monkey is falling)
Bryant: Dude you're a REACHtard.
by Hand Hanzo February 14, 2005

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Something that happens in the Monkey Bowling 2 minigame of Super Monkey Ball 2. It is when you bowl something that should have been a strike, but there's still one pin standing there.
I got the curse in Super Monkey Ball 2 today while trying to bowl a perfect game.
by Hand Hanzo February 11, 2005

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The Nuclear Test in Worms World Party. It was given the nickname "Taj" because it's icon looks like the Taj Mahal.
The Full Wormage sux0rs. The pricks in my 3rd period use it, and they just taj and donkey each other to death. It is so ghey!
by Hand Hanzo February 06, 2005

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A general exclamation of emotion. Accompanied by the word "squeal" for more emphasis.
I just got a PlayStation 2? Tumor! Tumor squeal!
by Hand Hanzo December 21, 2004

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