36 definitions by Hamtaro

Guy 1: I'm gonna steal that guy's car
Guy 2: I don't think you should, he has a RNF
by Hamtaro September 30, 2018
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The greatest freaking show on Netflix, SERIOUSLY this frick beats the crap out of Big Mouth, Paradise PD, or F is for Family
Hilda is the best show ever
And it's owned by Netflix
by Hamtaro December 16, 2018
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Knuckles is a cool guy with a bad attitude. He does'nt like to be pushed around. Him and Sonic fight a lot, but I think their good buddies.
by Hamtaro October 15, 2003
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Buy how EA is used in a sentence for $19.99
by Hamtaro August 17, 2019
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A phrase that turns a lot of things into dick jokes
Man 1: that thing is long
Man 2: That's what she said
by Hamtaro September 20, 2020
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Someone who only uses the default skin in Fortnite, Minecraft, etc...
No, you are not invited because you're a defigger
by Hamtaro October 15, 2019
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