Retard Nigger Faggit - literally the most offensive words in society today used as an acronym.
by RowDoe May 19, 2022
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RNF (Resting Nigga Face), a facial expression exhibited by a male that signifies that "Right Now ain't the time, but I'm not mad." A facial expression often used to detour unsolicited conversation.
Paul: Damn, Jake seems upset...
Mike: Why?
Paul: I asked him about Kanye's rant and he just gave me this empty blank stare.

Mike: Nah, he ain't mad. That's his RNF (Resting Nigga Face); he does that when he doesn't want to be engaged in conversation, but still wants to be around people.

Paul: So he's not mad?
Mike: Nah! But don't press him. If he starts Ice-grillin, then you have a problem!
by SKilfal May 8, 2018
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Man, I'm so happy it RNF I feel so special.
by real_NeGrO February 22, 2023
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Guy 1: I'm gonna steal that guy's car
Guy 2: I don't think you should, he has a RNF
by Hamtaro September 30, 2018
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Red Nose Fat Shit. Where the persons nose is red and he is a fat shit.
Chris might be a RNFS.
by Marvin Tucker November 8, 2006
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