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A woman of which a besotted male will hold in reverence.
"I love you" (and really means it)
by Ham March 24, 2004

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A stick with a string that allows a girl to wear light colors while flowing.
Man this tampon is sure great on labor day.
by ham May 09, 2003

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Bhenchod is a cursive word meaning bhen and chod, which translates to sister fucker. It has an indian background
That man is a bhenchod
by HAM September 29, 2004

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To get fucked in the mouth and ass/vagina at the same time by two studs.
As I filmed the double fuck movie I saw cum fly everywhere and the faint sound of "Unngh unngh harder HARDER!"
by Ham January 31, 2005

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Affectionate term for a Russian laydee.
My girlfriend
by Ham March 24, 2004

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Some middle class people at university.

You know the ones- wear designer rags, smoke roll ups to make themselves seem proletarian, bang on about George Orwell while sneering at the people they want so hard to be like, the "commoners" due to romantic delusions of hardship.

meanwhile the students from the lower orders are busy and quietly working hard to make sure they don't stay in poverty.
"Like, being poor is soooo noble...like"

"Ewww, look at that ragger, bet his lone mother lives on that awful estate, Daddy told me to stay away from them, they have been known to eat babies you know".
by Ham March 24, 2004

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A derogoratory and unproven concept deriving from middle class snobishness/anxiety and used to describe the most vulnerable groups in western industrialised societies.

People who populate the more impoverished sections of the working class and who are collectively blamed for a host of social ills. People who due to their financial circumstances are unable to participate in mainsream society.

People perceived to be of no good to society and so those parents who do work hard in such adverse circumstances are stigmatised as wrong and deviant due to assumptions based on the actions of a minority. Their children do not receive the support they need to help them advance away from poverty.

Instead of being called deserving, hard working, or if unemployed are helped to gain meaningful work, security and education, ALL poor people are somehow deemed to be scroungers and layabouts.
The elderly

Mentally ill

Single parents


Asylum seekers

Manual workers................
by Ham March 24, 2004

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