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To have to both shit and barf at the same time.
"That guy is so fugly, he makes me want to sharf."
by hlbndr December 08, 2009

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A guy or chick who walks around sporting a heavy 70's afro...both upper and lower.
"Dude, that chick's cookie was a froback to a better time."
by hlbndr December 08, 2009

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A female moustache.
"Did you check out the size of that chick's misstache?"
by hlbndr December 08, 2009

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Your choice for the team that is going to win Gold, Silver or Bronze in whatever Olympic sport you are watching.
"My Olympick for hockey has gotta be Canada...they always have the best players"
by hlbndr January 21, 2010

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Nail laquer applied to a man's hands.
"It takes a real man to go around neon pink malepolish"
by hlbndr December 14, 2009

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The rush that occurs at Chrismas time to grab enough alcohol to sustain the all the parties that will occur over the holidays.

A time to be avoided during the Christmas holidays.
"Thank goodness I did all my liquor shopping in November to avoid the Christmas lush!"
by HLBNDR January 20, 2010

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