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Whereby all words spoken sound just like farts being unleashed. It is often seen in those who enjoy speaking for the sake of hearing their own voices; those who use superfluous words for the sake of using them, are also accused often of trumping.
Teddy sure is trumping tonight. Man, I just don't know what he's on about.
by GushingForth November 16, 2016

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The act of putting a donut on a man's penis, and nibbling it off of him. This works well with the basic glazed donut, but can also provide a bit of fun variety with a jelly, cream, or custard filled donut.
This can be very fun, and rewarding. For those with a fear of tasting man juice, the combination of the sugar sweetness can help simmer down the fears.
I hit up Dunkin, you up for some doodling?
by GushingForth November 16, 2016

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Related to moose knuckle. When her pants are so tight that the outline of her lips are visible - taking on the appearance of a moose knuckle.
To squeeze the moose, her gentleman grabs her by the "knuckle" and squeezes the lips together, with her clitoris in the middle. The result is typically an orgasm.
He likes to squeeze the moose when we're in public moose knuckle camel toe
by GushingForth May 05, 2015

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The act of inserting warm water into one's anus, for pure pleasure. The water must be heated to less than boiling, for obvious reasons, and is sometimes enhanced with mint for the pleasure tingles it will induce. This type of anal play can be enjoyed solo, or with a partner. Men and women alike engage in this kink.
Teddy asked me for a hot pot tonight. I've got the turkey baster ready!
by GushingForth November 16, 2016

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Also known as a "Red Hot Cock" this is the act of performing fellatio on a gentleman while you have a mouth full of red hot (cinnamon) candy.
The results can be mildly warm and pleasurable. Or sometimes cause searing pain.
It is also a good way for those who perhaps have a problem with the taste of semen to get past the taste - because pretty much nothing is going to override the intense taste of the fiery candy.
oral sex blow job swallowing food play hot cock
Last night I gave Henry a red hot rooster. He didn't mind the heat too much. And it sure made his cum taste better.
by GushingForth August 15, 2016

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Another way to refer to the act of achieving orgasm. The word could be applied to a man or a woman.
I just love sexsploding with you, in you, and on you...
by GushingForth November 16, 2016

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Diaper blowout, or when you just can't hold it and have to make a run for the toilet. The results are often painful, smelly, and non-solid.
After that curry dinner I was bumsploding all night.
by GushingForth November 16, 2016

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