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Something eaten after a particularly intense meal/snack to get the flavor out of your mouth. A good palette cleanser tastes relatively subtle or bland.
Yeowch, these Altoids set my mouth on fire! I need me a good palette cleanser. Do we have any Fritos?
by Gulstab August 25, 2009
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Long ago, when the doughnut was invented, the entirety of planet Earth rejoiced at the delicious iced pastry, until one day, somebody pointed out that it contained the word "ugh", which is commonly associated with horror and dismay. This eventually led to "doughnut" being shortened to "donut", all for the better. A bagel is a lesser donut. It effectively puts the "ugh" back in "doughnut" and should be avoided at all costs if a donut is available.
*Todd is about to put a bagel in his mouth when Sean cuts him off.*

Sean: Dude, we have donuts.

Todd: Thanks, Man. I owe you one.

*Todd eighty-sixes the bagel and grabs a donut.*
by Gulstab August 08, 2009
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The stereotypical Republican who links absolutely everything to the Bible.
Pat Robertson is a prime example of a Republichristian.
by Gulstab February 13, 2010
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Rick Rolling is commonly thought of as linking a friend, who thinks they are getting something desirable, to a video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up", though this is not always the case. A Rick Roll may be amplified by having the window fly around your screen and, upon closure, release a stream of popups (usually displaying the lyrics) that will open as you close the previous, as seen at raygoldmodels.com. These can be humorous to witness over the shoulder, as well as to have an email response to.
Man, after I Rick Rolled my friend, he was super duper pissed off at me.

I like to close the popups as their respective lyrics end whenever I get Rick Rolled.
by Gulstab April 22, 2008
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Yet another euphemism for a penis, coined by Andrew Hussie of MS Paint Adventures. Generally used to add an element of variety to a conversation centering around the male genitalia.
1: Hey, how was your date last night?
2: Rough, my spam porpoise is aching...


1: blahblahblah dicks blahblahblah
2: blahblah Johnsons blahblahblah
3: Hey, what are you guys talking about?
1 & 2: Spam porpoise.
by Gulstab January 25, 2010
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To sneeze several times uncontrollably, as though having a seizure.
My brother who has allergies woke me this morning when he was having one of his sneezures.
by Gulstab April 23, 2008
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