the want to have large women stand and move back and forth above a small man whilst he extends his tongue
Mike went up to the 6 foot woman and asked her to Murray him.
by T-1 for sale April 19, 2005
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A Murray is a very special person who is shy at first but once you get to know him he is wonderful. Murrays are usually very attractive. It's a handsomeness that only shows itself when he lets you see it. He treats you like a goddess and makes you feel beautiful. Never underestimate Murray. He knows if you are using him. Don't let your Murray get away; you'll never find another guy like him.
"Hey I heard you are dating Murray?"
"Yeah :)"
"WOW! You're so lucky!"
"I know right? He's so nice to me."
"Gosh, I wish I had a Murray!"


"Did you hear? She dumped Murray!"
"What? NOWAY!"
"I know right? He's so hot and nice."
"Well, I wish I had a chance."
"Haha, we all do."
by xXxPandaLoverxXx October 26, 2013
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A strong, extremely intelligent man who is an amazing lover. He is musically talented and has wicked sense of humour.
I wish I could spend all my time with Murray
by PRAIRIECHICK March 3, 2011
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To block a projected image on a screen.
Several subtypes exist.

A millimurray indicates blockage of 1/1000th of the image on the screen
An intrinsic murray indicates image blockage with a body part.
"Joe, move your laptop! You're murraying the projector"
by I Like it blue April 4, 2017
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A wonderful, kind person, especially good at:


A great friend and team player.
by May 25, 2010
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A last name that if someone has it from the day they are born,you know they have high alcohol and marijuana tolerance.They are the life of the party and always know how to have a good time.They have very short tempers so watch out.But if your at a party with one Murray or two,it’s gonna be a banger.
BRO!I don’t remember the party last night.a Murray must have been there
by Pussyfucker1738 October 22, 2017
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The 13th tribe of Israel, named for the Patriarch Murray Liebowitz the Hat Blocker. Fled Palestine around 70 AD and fled to the Dingle Region of Ireland. Hoards of them poured out of the hill region and into the US, Australia, and Canada after the Potato Famine, or as it was dubbed at the time,"That afternoon we were a wee bit low on Chips." They are Ubiquitous today, being found in every profession, race, color, or creed, under the floor boards and even in the cupboards. Go have a look.
Terrence was cleaning out his tobacco tin, and out popped a Murray for the third time in a week.
"Sorry to shock you so, I was just livin' in your tobacoo tin. I'll go now, but be warned, I've 3 brothers in your dishwasher, and a few aunts and uncles in your pantry. They might not be so agreeable as I."
The Murray ran his finger along the inside of his collar and looked about the kitchen.
I've a bit of a thirst, do you mind if I borrow a jar of Ale from you before I'm on my way?"
by Wisk January 30, 2008
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