5 definitions by GrainTrain

A series on Netflix that comes out with one season almost every year.
I just finished a Netflix original and now I have to wait until next year to finish it.
by GrainTrain January 22, 2018
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The most famous Mario racing game where everyone claims they will destroy you only for all to get destroyed by the one true master.
Kid: I'm going to destroy you in a game of Mario Kart!
Secretly The Master: I'd like to see you try!
by GrainTrain November 28, 2017
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That one really funny comedian who always fat shames himself even though he's not an actual fat person.
I just went to a live show of Jim Gaffigan and I couldn't stop laughing!
by GrainTrain March 12, 2018
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When everything you drink that normally tastes good ends up tasting weird.
Great, I guess I have a flavor clot now because this soda tastes like seltzer water!
by GrainTrain February 9, 2018
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An alternative name for a festive jog in December if you really want to piss off some atheists or others who don't believe in Jesus.
Kid: Should we name our race the Hanukkah Hustle?

Teacher: No that would be like calling it The Jesus Jog.
by GrainTrain November 26, 2017
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