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The most heterosexual digit on which to wear a ring.
Arnie: vut do you sink of my thaaarmring Sly?
Sly: *unintelligable mumbling* thumbring *more mumbling*
Arnie: Ya, I agree, it ist very maaasculine.
by Grae November 13, 2005
Noun: an email assault so vicious in tone the recipient loses an eye to you.

Verb: to textually assault an individual via the internet.
Bennet: Jenny is such a shrew - she tried to get me fired.
John: let off some steam Bennet, send her an anonymous emaul.
by Grae January 17, 2006
A verb, meaning 'to search Wikipedia'.
Dick: If I 'google' when I search on google...
Fanny: Then you 'wikipaedophy' when you search on Wikipedia.
by Grae January 11, 2006
The new name for the band previously known as "The Presidents of the United States of America" - who's jihad on the corrupt secular charts include hits such as "Lump", "Mach 5 (kamikaze airplane)", and "Video Killed the Ramadan Star".

(Proposed but discarded alternative band name "Manchurian Candidates" seen as potentially disastrous for sales in China)
Did you hear that The Presidents of the United States of America are now Secret Muslims - I'm going to barack for them now!
by Grae June 11, 2008
Nerd : "Hypothetically, who would win in a fight between the borg, my mousemat, and batman?".
Human Race : "you will die alone without ever having experienced the touch of another human being"
by Grae March 13, 2004
A term to describe an individual who initially accesses Wikipedia for reference purposes, but after navigating through interesting wiki links finds themselves minus half a day and plus a growing collection of Wikipedia windows; each spanning vastly different topics.
John: I was using Wikipedia to find info on a band I like; next thing I knew it was four hours later and I had 30 Wikipedia windows open.
Jane: You're such a wikipedestrian.
John: This is never going to catch on.
Jane: That's because you're not selling it, 'find info on a band'? Please, that sounds so fake.
by Grae September 5, 2005
Yet another creative extemporisation of LOL.

Typically surreptitiously used as a greeting to individuals unaware of the disturbing world of internet chat subculture.

After said usage, one often thinks to one's self "lol".
Attractive Woman: "Excuse me."
Nerd: "Hellol"
Attractive Woman: "..."
by Grae September 29, 2003