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The sound made by a particularly large and forceful ejaculation, akin to someone squirting out mayonnaise from a farty ketchup bottle. Typically it's employed to emphasize the sheer grossness of said sound.
"Man, last night my roommate was lubing his crankshaft and I could hear the gorsh from across the room."

"Last night she gave me the most awesome blowjob. I totally gorshed all over her face."
by Gorshinspew September 18, 2011
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About as close to Bumfuck, Egypt as America gets.

Borger is a small town roughly 45 miles outside of Amarillo, situated in the Texas Panhandle.

Known for it's hardy, ignorant people and potent stench (a mix of feedlot carryover from other cities in the Panhandle and the ungodly stench of a Carbon Black plant, a Fertilizer plant AND an Oil Refinery), Borger finds itself caught somewhere between the quaint charm of Mayberry in it's decline, and the horror of Silent Hill.

The residents are mostly highly prejudiced (particular in regards to race, religion and "Them Evil Demmicrats!") but put on varying degrees of bland banality that range from outright batshit crazy codger to the sweet old lady who always smiles at you, says hi, and secretly pisses in every glass of iced tea she gives you.

The only industries thriving in Borger are the Oil Refinery, and of course, the mecca of all civilization in this tiny wasteland, Wal-Mart. However, Borger is so tiny and insignificant, it doesn't even get a freaking Wal-Mart Super-Center.

Pass through on the road to better places, but do NOT STOP. This town is a vortex that sucks away futures and intelligence.
Bob: You ever speak to Jody? She has to be the most ignorant redneck I've ever met. Used the N-Word at least a hundred times in the span of five minutes and proceeded to hit me with a Bible when I told her I was a Gay Atheist.

John: What do you expect? That bitch is from Borger, Texas.

Bob: Explains the smell.
by Gorshinspew February 23, 2011
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As introduced and defined by Super Jail, the Tequila Worm is a the Spanish Fly's mortal enemy. Even when they are crazy horny, the Spanish Fly knows that the Tequila Worm is a truly filthy, disgusting bitch.

Super Jail's example can be used even in modern life! Who's that nasty bitch down the street who answers the door in NOTHING but a saran wrap nightgown, despite being at least 55? The Tequila Worm. Who's that skank who would hump someone for bus fare? The Tequila Worm. The filthy, gin-soaked man whore who picks up only the drunkest, nastiest women in bars just so he give them a quick and nasty and take off? The Tequila Worm.
Fly1: Hey.. Hey man, I need some. Any honeys nearby?

Fly2: No way man.. Only action around here is the Tequila Worm.

Tequila Worm: Hey boys, ride's only a quarter!

Flies: *vomit*
by Gorshinspew February 23, 2011
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A synonym for penis. Sometimes shortened simply to "chum." Named so because it refers to what is occasionally a long, meaty appendage.
"Don't pull my chumleg, foo'! Tell me the truth."

"My chumleg beats your stir-stick."

"A chumleg a day keeps the horny away."
by Gorshinspew September 18, 2011
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The short form of "chumleg," referring to the penis. As the penis is also usually its owner's best friend, the friendliness implied by "chum" makes the term that much more appropriate.
"I showed her my chum last night. She seemed impressed."

"Goddamn my chum is rashy... I hope I didn't catch anything."

"That fudgepacker tried to grab my chum in the showers after the game! What an asshole!"
by Gorshinspew September 18, 2011
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