An important part of an Internal Combustion Engine. It serves the biggest role of an engine, converting Linear motion to Rotary motion. It takes the piston's up-and-down motion, pushing the connecting rod therefore turning the crankshaft. It contains counter-weights to balance the crankshaft so to reduce noise and vibration. It is also connected to the camshaft for timing purposes via a timing belt.

The crankshaft must turn without friction, therefore it has bearings on the case and bearings around the connecting rod. Oil must be supplied, in fact the crankshaft sits in the oil pan. There must be little play, but lateral play occurs, see Crankwalk.

On Manual Transmissions, the wheel with teeth at the end of the crankshaft is called the Flywheel. On Automatic Transmissions, it is called a Flex Plate.
My crankshaft is experiencing crankwalk!
by Dave PreZzO February 6, 2007
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When a women gives her man a handjob using motor oil as the lubricant.
She crankshafted me at Jiffy Lube and now my dick is stained dark brown.
by Alex Winston June 15, 2008
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The answer that one gives when asked a question that one either does not know or simply does not want to give an answer to. This response hails from the 'Churchill' car insurance advert in which their mascot dog (Named Churchill) is being asked questions. He gives the answer "CRANKSHAFT" before the lady asking the question has finished speaking.
Example 1:
A: "Do any of you know where my keys are?"

Example 2:
A: "What should I do in the event of a fire?"
by Doodlebugz February 5, 2008
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YEAH that's right CRANKSHAFT!!
Someone who's being a real duche.
Someone who's getiing really annoying.
"You're being a real CRANKSHAFT man!"
"Oh man, here comes CRANKSHAFT."or..
"Hey man,let's ditch CRANKSHAFT over there."
by see ya! May 23, 2003
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A heterosexual "sex move/position" similar to 69 except where the male, on the bottom, normally would eat out the pussy of the female, he instead inserts an eggbeater(wire wisk) into the pussy and proceeds to crank it to the delight of his partner.
Alan tried this great new move on his gf. He called it the "crankshaft."
by give me thumbs up January 5, 2005
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a word formerly defining the sex move where you take a girl and put her on her head with her backside facing toward you. You proceed to screw her up the ass. At this point in time, you shove a funnel in the vagina and proceed to pour a quart of motor oil down it. After the motor oil can is empty, and your about to blow your load, you remove the funnel and spew in the vagina. Next you use your fingers like a dipstick and mix up the mixture in a "cranking" motion. Enjoy!
This version only allows the female to enjoy once, so the working definition had to be changed...see above
by give me thumbs up January 6, 2005
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When an old man blows his load in a girls face and all that comes out is dust;therefore pissing the girl off
The girl was pissed at the old mans dusty crankshaft when he blew his load.
by deichert April 20, 2008
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