When someone is really excited and can't contain himself. A way cooler word than "wow" or "awesome"
Gorsh! Those glasses look great!
by big geek May 22, 2011
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The sound made by a particularly large and forceful ejaculation, akin to someone squirting out mayonnaise from a farty ketchup bottle. Typically it's employed to emphasize the sheer grossness of said sound.
"Man, last night my roommate was lubing his crankshaft and I could hear the gorsh from across the room."

"Last night she gave me the most awesome blowjob. I totally gorshed all over her face."
by Gorshinspew September 18, 2011
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an exclamation of pure disdain towards a person or situation.
Really Sam, GORSH, you are such a dimwit
by thyroid fever April 19, 2020
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A gorsh is a large ammount of frilly hair on your head, someone with a gorsh is usually named GORSHYYYY or Gorshy gorshy goo.
Lookit that gorsh on her head!!
by V2WS May 29, 2008
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