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The diffusion of mannerisms, knowledge, affectations and ideas from one biological system to another primarily through repetitive sexual intercourse.
Girl #1: I never knew you could speak French, girl!

Girl #2: I must have picked it up through cockmosis since I started balling Doug.
by Golden-Rod March 01, 2008
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There are a confluence of factors required to achieve the dump badge:
1. A person works in an office where employees must wear photo IDs.
2. The person wears the badge clipped to his belt.
3. Typically, this involves a male, because women rarely wear badges on their belts.
4. You must have a restroom that is shared among multiple employees.
5. The person wears the badge on the side of his pants which faces out when sitting in the stall.

Ok, if all of the elements are in place, this is what happens: worker A goes into the stall for a bowel movement. What he doesn't realize is that when he dropped his pants, his badge is visible underneath the stall door and everyone who comes in can see the identity of the one in the bathroom. This becomes particularly troublesome if any noteworthy events happen in the restroom (like those involving odors or messes left behind).
1: Hey, Bruce, have you seen Steve?
2: Give him a minute, I just saw his dump badge in the bathroom.
by Golden-Rod February 19, 2008
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A female (the male term would be baristo) who holds up the line at a fast food soda fountain because she fills her drink then leaves it in the way so she can get a lid, sugar, straw, etc. instead of moving the drink out of the way.
She doesn't care that she's in the way and holding up the line. In fact, she may feel so important that she is entitled to do this!
It's the same kind of conceit that one finds in people talking on cell phones while driving too slowly and not paying attention to others.
All I want is a coke! I wish that soda barista would hurry up and get out of the way.
by Golden-Rod February 19, 2008
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