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Taking complete control of an undesirable situation to make sure the outcome is wildly in your favor.
That punk cheated at WoW, so she went all Elin on his ass.
by Going Like Sixty December 19, 2009

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When your boy friend says you have to quite tweeting about the size of his dick and his endurance.
I just said he was short and quick and he made me untweeten.
(See Miley Cyrus)
by Going Like Sixty October 08, 2009

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A geezer that uses Twitter.
John McCain is a total tweezer.
by Going Like Sixty March 06, 2009

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Death of a baby boomer is imminent. Heirs should start jockeying for better position in the will.

As in "Come Mr. Tallyman tally me Bananas."
Doctor: "I'm sorry, Mrs. Sixty, it's time to Calypso Mr. Sixty's estate."
by Going Like Sixty August 30, 2008

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A Canadian sex act involving a woman and The Frozen Shoeshoe, a famous Canadian wrestler, and Maple Syrup.

Made famous by How I Met Your Mother, where Robin reluctantly revealed she had done the Old King Clancy.
Robin and The Frozen Snowshoe actually did Old King Clancy. It was her idea.
by Going Like Sixty March 24, 2009

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