was that stiflers mum?
by goats anon January 17, 2004
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verb: to take what is logically someone else's, and do so in a sly and charming fashion.
1) "Dude, I had a crush on that girl, and you hooked up with her! you totally Finched her!"

2) "Don't finch my food! You just took the food right off my plate!"
by Jackinthebeanstalk November 10, 2009
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to finch is the act of stealing another guy's gal, or even the other way around.
"Yeah, dude, did you hear? My boy Tom got finched"

by W.Cronkite March 9, 2009
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great band.
makes great music. hasthe best lyrics ive ever seen/heard in my life.
ahh what a band.
Finch makes me smile.
by lolololololololzz May 3, 2005
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Finch is a band that split on Feb. 20th of 2006.
They had two albums, one ep. THeir first album "What it is to burn" is considered "emo" but if any of you stupid fucks had any sense at all, you'd realize that their second album "Say Hello to Sunshine" is anything but that. It's been categorized as prog rock, experimental, and alternative. If you don't like it, then fuck you. Your probably to involved with dying your hair and being hardcore to listen to good music anyways.

Finch is not emo. Finch is not screamo. They were and still are one of the best bands around.

"If you like emo music, do not listen to finch, thank you"
by alexa marie March 4, 2006
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One of the best bands ever! Original lyrics. THey kick ass!
by Maria January 9, 2005
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A lover of cheesy rock bands like Bon Jovi.
He's such a Finch.
by crabbycat May 4, 2010
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