Exchanging your internal voice and mental images with people at a distance
I hear the FBI in my head I think the Illuminati is communicating with me telepathically
by David Illuminati April 20, 2016
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Guy who always knows what you are thinking and will play horrible, horrible mind games with you until you concede. Very stubborn, approach with caution.
Telepath> I know what you are thinking
Robin> What?
Telepath> Mhm.. Its ok girl just accept it.
by Bibbidybobbidyboop October 4, 2014
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When two human beings concect and are able to telepathically communicate.
Boy 1: *texts grl 1* what are you having for dinner

Grl 1: *texts boy * (at the same time) what are you having for dinner

Thinking at the same time + saying the same thing = telepathism
by UNO_what_I_mean February 15, 2018
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Telepathic, is normally when you send someone something through the phone.
People can also say "I will send you something telepathically through the computer".
It works either way.
When you are on the phone with someone, you can say "I can telepathically smell your breath from here".
by Nollan Robert September 20, 2008
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a hug in which you are hugging in a state of mind, not physically touching, it is also sometimes deemed as being more important as a real physical hug
i gave patrick a telepathic hug even though i was in ohio and he was in minnesota
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When you imagine a specific girl to masturbate too. Typically your crush or a celebrity.
Female: I bet he jerks off to me, I'm reporting him to the cops for telepathic rape!
Smart Female: No you dumb bitch, that's not a thing.
by Eextreme September 7, 2021
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the thing you most likely found on reddit or any social media mostly in a form of a meme saying

"Thinking about someone while masturbating is called telepathic rape and effects the victim"
Hay look I found this really stupid thing called Telepathic rape on Reddit
by idk lol idk what to do August 19, 2022
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