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When the situation at home prevents you from bringing home a potential sexual encounter.The status of your house, i.e. kids at home, a huge mess that will not allow you to bring home a booty call.
Scarlett asked Maggie, "You gonna bring home that hunky Dave tonight?" Maggie sadly replied, "Can't. Domestic birth control. My children are home and the place looks like Katrina hit and FEMA ain't ever showin' up."
by GiddyUpGirlFL January 26, 2009
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What happens to a woman's face when her Botox wears off. A suddenly saggy face resulting from exhausted Botox.
Scarlett said to Maggie, "Girl, did you see Stephanie at the Samba Room last night? She was lookin' droop doggy dog somethin' awful." Maggie replied, "Yeah, I saw that. Her Botox must have expired 'cause her face sure looked like it had."
by GiddyUpGirlFL January 19, 2009
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What a woman goes through after a prolonged period without sex. Sexual famine. Can also have a tightening affect on the vagina. Sex can be painful after revirgination.
Scarlett asked Maggie, "How was your date with that hunka hunka burnin' love, Roy last night?" Maggie replied, "Girl, it was great but my snatch is aching something awful. Must have gone through revirgination during my 6 month famine."
by GiddyUpGirlFL January 25, 2009
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The radical change in the American culture resulting from electing an African American president.
Maggie said to Scarlett, "Girl, did you see that ad on AOL? It featured all these black guys." Maggie replied, "Yeah, I saw it, and all the other ones...it's the Obamafluence ya know."
by GiddyUpGirlFL March 4, 2009
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The constant need and desire to purge and rid yourself of all the crap in your life. Ridding one's self of meaningless objects and people can provide a sense of euphoria and well-being. Freedom from possessions and being possessed.
As Annie was ridding her home of all the things that belonged to her ex-husband she telephoned Holly to tell her how great she felt. Holly replied, "Girl! Sounds like you are afflicted with BULLSHITIMIA! Purging all his crap will set yourself free! Rid yourself of all his shit!"
by GiddyUpGirlFL May 15, 2011
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Mass extermination of every asshole you have ever dated. The final solution to those men who lied, cheated and never returned your call. The persecution of narcissistic men.
With Michelle Branch singing "Goodbye to You" in the background, Scarlett and Maggie gathered their Ken dolls...each one representing a man they had dated or experienced an unpleasant situation with...they placed them in a mass grave, doused them with gasoline and burned them during their monthly Assholocaust. "Well that's that." said Maggie. "Yep. Sure is." said Scarlett. "Goodbye Ted, Ed, Rusty, Alan, Pierre...until next month."
by GiddyUpGirlFL March 5, 2009
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Guilt sex. Obligatory sex. When you have sex with someone because you "owe" them.
Even though Scarlett was not in love with Thurston she continued the relationship because it fulfilled her gold digging material need as he showered her with gifts and travel to exotic destinations.
Holly asked, "Ya still given it up for that Thurston?"
Scarlett replied, "Yep. I have to. All the money that man spends on me. Girl, it's my call of booty!"
by GiddyUpGirlFL December 14, 2009
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