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The Screwpon works as a benefit contract. When involved in a sexual relationship, there are certain benefits. The Screwpon provides a multitude of advantages such as free handyman repairs, fabulous meals cooked to order, access to an amazing stocked wine cellar and "insider information" to other deals that the "screwer" might share with the "screwee." Screwpon is residual too! Old boyfriends have been known to give concert tickets and other fabulous trinkets to a past "screwee" and often times Screwpon gifts last well into future relationships thus making those items "a really good Screwpon!"
Scarlett: "Hey Maggie! Bob just offered me tickets to Keith Urban! Wanna go?"
Maggie: "Well of course! I can't believe he's offering you's been awhile since you've dated. What a great Screwpon!"
by Giddyupgirlfl June 21, 2011
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