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A form of basketball where there is a mini trampoline in front of both baskets so that even players with 0 hops can dunk
"Dude, I got a mini trampoline so we can play Slam Ball on Carlos's court"

"Yeah...Carlos died"

"Sounds like an open court to me."
by Gerdemann25 August 06, 2007

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A hero of epic stories and legends. Over 900 years old he has conquered death and retired to his poon palace on mars. Occasionally seen on Earth when he must complete a quest. He was stationed at Zarganzig's Castle for many years and left in 1643 the day before the Whiiple Creek massacre. The massacre took place on that day because his departure gave the Asexual Trolls the courage to attack. Has killed over 467 men with his bare hands. Genghis Khan's right hand man
"Dude i haven't seen Crazy Eddy lately"

"Probably hitting up his poon palace with some Slam-A-licious babes"

"Trusay Dr. Butt Pirate"
by Gerdemann25 August 01, 2007

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The true author of Sun tzu's art of war. Also invented the boston steamer however that was earlier in his career and he did not take credit, claiming the inspiration came from his name. Sun Tzu was a peasant he paid to put his name on the book so it would sell better, unfortunately while it made him rich this move allowed history to forget him.
"Hi my name is Big Fag McDump-on-ma-chest"

by Gerdemann25 August 01, 2007

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A reputable weapons and armour producer based in Ulaanbaatar. Known for a widespread telemarketing campaign that reaches from Cyprus to Canada. Offer a 3 piece armour set for "Thirdie four fiddie", a good price. Irresponsible teenagers have been known to imitate their telemarketing
"Herro Mongolian Industries, Weapons and armour. Buy now special 3 piece armour set thriddie four fiddie"


"Special Armour set thridie four fiddie, buy now special deal, Mongorian Industries"

"What the f*ck?, screw this" (hangs up)
by Gerdemann25 August 01, 2007

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Attractive womenfolk,plural. There is no singular as they travel in packs.
"Dude check out those Slam-A-Licious Babes over there on that bench"


"Whatever deal with it."
by Gerdemann25 August 01, 2007

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A portal that takes a person from the enterance to a subway station to space. These portals are invisible to all with impure gnoll heritage. Such a portal has been known to be used by Crazy Eddy to get from Toronto to Mars.
"Shit son where did Crazy Eddy go?"

"He probably used his Transunteragonal Portal to get to his poon palace on Mars"

"Nope he's over there, he was just behind that Alaskan shrub for a second"

by Gerdemann25 August 01, 2007

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Literally stands for "No My God". Translates more smoothly to "Oh my god no way". It is used to express extreme surprise at an unlikely event such as a hideous male scoring some Slam-A-Licious Babes. A first response
"I heard that Kartuigan is going out with Stacey now."

"NOMG, that's awesome. Way better than the Razorback he was dating before"
by Gerdemann25 October 09, 2007

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