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Famous Pink Floyd album released in 1973 that deals with issues of insecurity, insanity, death, and war. Small amounts of interviews done with various crew members are intertwined within it and is rumoured to correspond with The Wizard of Oz. 11th Best Selling Album in the world.
Dark Side of the Moon is fifteen times Platinum.
by Geldof June 20, 2004

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An album made in 1980 shortly after the death of Bon Scott. The song itself is a tribute that bypasses normal memorial limitations and celebrates Bon's life the way he lived-by rocking.
Back in Black was a title already decided before Bon Scott died.
by Geldof March 15, 2005

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an album that was released in 1980, currently the sixth best selling album from the fifth best selling band ever. The song was written to celebrate Bon Scott the way he lived - by rocking hard. *Not a metal album! AC/DC has publicaly detested the metal genre in many interviews!!!* It is still a memorial song, so no matter how many times the lame-brain Beastie Boys try to get the rights to "spin" it, they never will!!!
BIB is registered as a Double Diamond seller. Let's see a rapper beat that.
by Geldof March 15, 2005

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Underrated and virtually unknown to the mainstream, older brother to Stevie Ray Vuaghan, Jimmie Vaughan is a living legend of the guitar world. His famous band - The Fabulous Thunderbirds - made several hit records during the seventies and eighties. Jimmie plays a Fender Stratocaster, is a leader in the world of custom hot rods, and is also a libertarian.
Jimmie Vaughan's guitar work is best heard in the chorused-effect background solo of the song "Tuff Enuff".
by Geldof June 13, 2005

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A country long bereft of honor. First got pwned by the Tartars. Then got pwned by fundamentalist Orthodoxy. Then got pwned by the Bolsheviks. Currently getting pwned by the Chechens. Ya know, they never really were a great country after all!
The Russian military is one of the least-trained, underfunded, smallest military forces in the world, with only sixteen percent as many personal as the US military.
by Geldof March 15, 2005

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