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Optimistic about time, such as an arrival time or having enough time, etc.
Once the rush hour traffic cleared, Suzy and Sally became chronoptimistic about the chances of catching their flight to Tahiti.
by Gee Toe June 03, 2005
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An automobile, particularly one driven by a fat person who is physically unable or too lazy to check blind spots.
Scary, just got cut off by another obesetron.
by Gee Toe May 25, 2005
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Loud, harsh, unflattering sounds, especially as produced by poor but overly enthusiastic (deaf?) musicians.
Said the singer to the guitarist: "Can you cut the ear shrapnel by about 10 decibels?"
by Gee Toe May 19, 2005
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The philosophy of voluntarily acting like a bimbo or the cluster of behaviors that define intentional female idiocy.
She was blonde and gorgeous, and a card carrying Mensa, but she preferred to flaut her hopeless bimbosity to the delight of the assembled men.
by Gee Toe May 13, 2005
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An activity common amongst consenting sex addicts whereby they decide which sex toy to use next.
"Okay, we got ticklers and humdingers, and these other cute little things here.... Hon, I think it's time we prioritoys."
by Gee Toe June 01, 2005
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a ripped or broken latex condom
"<pant pant> Sorry about the fail safe, honey"
by Gee Toe May 19, 2005
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