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A smartphone user who disdains SMS text messages in favor of email.
Since Russ got a smartphone, he's become a total emailitist. Whenever he receives a text, he only responds by email.
by GRSkeptics March 02, 2011
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Egonym: (n) a word that, if used to describe oneself, is automatically not applicable. Examples are "cool," "punk" and "famous."
The word "celebrity" is an egonym. If you call yourself a celebrity, you probably aren't.
by GRSkeptics December 20, 2010
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n: A non-Canadian who nevertheless evinces an extreme interest in Canadian culture. Experiencing the condition known as Canadianthusiasm.
Meeting a pretty girl from north of the border was enough to turn Jake into an instant Canadianthusiast.
by GRSkeptics July 01, 2010
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n: Excitement for or about the condition of being a Canadian citizen. A non-natives who experiences the symptoms is referred to (with only a small amount of scorn) as a Candianthusiast.
On Canada Day, Julie showed her Canadianthusiasm by drinking beer and singing "O Canada" to her pet beaver.
by GRSkeptics July 01, 2010
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The maxim which states that one cannot refer to any woman as a mother on the Internet, without prompting a response that mentions Oedipus or his eponymous complex.
"Jenny wrote a blog post about her kids, and the first comment she got was about a reader's newly discovered Oedipal complex. It's Jocasta's Law in action."
by GRSkeptics February 09, 2010
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