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Celebrated annually on July 1 in recognition of Canada being formed as a country previously ruled by the United Kingdom.
This day is a coast to coast party with each province and each people making up the Canadian people celebrating in thier own way. Usually, Molson is heavily involved.
Typical Canadian "Canada Day" conversation:

Greg: " What are you doing for Canada Day?"
Bert: " Breaking open a two-four, eh?"
Greg: " Beauty, see ya there"
by BlizzaynE March 24, 2006
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1.The day of when Canadian's celebrate their heritage.
-The holiday which everyone forgot to define.
Canada Day is t3h 1337 haxxor.
by I AM Canadian! July 25, 2004
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friend: Whens your birthday again?
me: It's July 1st. aka Canada Day
friend: Oh yeah..
by froman jenkins January 22, 2009
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1st July, coast to coast celebartion day. Except in Quebec, where is the "Moving day" just for not celebrate as the rest of canadians
The Canada day, quebecers do not celebrate, they move!
by liptic March 31, 2010
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Canadians eat donuts and moose meat and get extremely drunk(drinking beer most likely brewed in wisconsin or boston or some other states ironically) as they mouth off at how they hate america yet cannot think of a reason. They also celebrate the most insignificant country in the world next to north korea which only they care about. They typically get so drunk they cannot remember participating in it though.
Canadian 1: Are you going to the Canada Day celebration, eh?
Canadian 2: No, I am going to watch hockey reruns, eh.
Canadian 1: Oh, that sounds fun too, eh.
Canadian 2: I dont like to go oat and aboat there with all the drunk people anyways, know what im talkin aboot, eh?
by Daver91 November 24, 2011
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