71 definition by GINA

a kid who has gotten the ladies all his life. He gets so much ass that I had to stop giving him ass casue he was getting to much. But how could i resist that sexy body. He's my Italian Stallion
Man that guys so hot he reminds me of nello.
by Gina March 11, 2005

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talentless pop tart with a horrible, computerized singing voice. lip synchs her bubblegum pop songs and does not write her own songs. fans are all 10-year-old girls who wear glitter eye shadow.
hilary duff is a stupid bitch who deserves to die.
by Gina November 28, 2004

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claws of a bird
clwas of a bird of prey
"Do the chickens have large talons?"
"do they have large talons"
"I don't know what the heck your talking bout boy"
by Gina February 27, 2005

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A common sight in and around Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Ronnie is arguably the biggest Cubs fan ever, to the point of being legendary, and can be seen mingling with just about anyone and leading the crowds in chants of "woo! cubs! woo!"

He is easy to spot because of his custom Cubs uniform that says "Woo-Woo" on the back.
Woo! Ronnie! Woo! Ronnie! Woo!
by Gina March 25, 2005

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slang for "No Way!" or "Woah!"
Guy 1: Dude, Dan asked Katie out!

Guy 2: Jump back! I was gonna ask her out!
by Gina March 22, 2005

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An area of Chicago, Illinois that is officially THE gayest neighborhood. It can be considered a neighborhood even though it spans over a couple of established neighborhoods. Lots of gay couples live there, and there are lots of gay bars and such.
Most people don't know that Clark and Belmont is in Boy's Town, but it becomes obvious when you see the owners of all the antique shops on Belmont.
by Gina January 19, 2005

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in the general area of the crotch; near the genitalia
"Man, did you see that piece of metal sticking out of Jay's crotchal area?!"
by Gina January 18, 2003

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