The first choice you would make about something, like a first draft pick in fantasy football.
"But I'm in love with someone else, doesn't that bother you?" -girl

"Well obviously that wasn't my draft pick" -guy
by MrZero August 24, 2010
A girl who is not of legal age but who's potential to be a looker is apparant.
"I'd say she's an early first round draft pick in a few years."
by Bob December 7, 2004
where all your friends pick the good looking girls, and your left with the only unnattractive one.
(For instance, steve you just got a Bad Draft Pick man.)
by Smills June 9, 2011
Any top notch female worthy of being your main woman
"Sandra is ok, but her girl Tangela is a 1st Round Draft Pick"
by GBurgNupe March 25, 2004
Usually given to the crappiest teams in the league to improve their record next year but only to find out either:

They did do good in college but suck in the professionals Ryan Leaf

Got a serious injury Greg Oden

Overrated pieces of crap who might end up in jail Michael Vick

or just plain Overrated Kwame Brown

So in reality number 1 draft picks are expensive bench players who make things worst... Unless your lucky Michael Jordan
1998 Charger fan 1: Who was our number 1 draft pick this year?

1998 Chargers fan 2: Ryan Leaf

1998 Charger fan 1: I smell super bowl!
by theend1190 February 19, 2009
Someone who is denied to take a hit on the first bowl smoked and is forced to wait until the second bowl goes around.
No no dude your a second round draft pick you have to wait till later
by PMS indian May 10, 2009