Ancient system of decision making defining a country's conscience, run by an elite for the elite to keep society under their control.
The people expect the court system to be fair.
by polite point February 05, 2016
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1. A vast network of drag queens, drag kings, etc. doing great acts of charity.
2. International Organization of non-profit charity groups founded by Jose Saria "Mama Jose", Empress Jose I. Now headed by QM Nicole after Jose retired.
3. Non-discriminatory group of G/L/T/Q and their friends who get together and performers include Gender Illusionist, Drag Queens, Drag Kings. Almost every western world major city has a Imperial Sovereign Court affiliaite or Ducal Society.
The Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle, Olympic and Rainier Empire, just celebrated Coronation (02/12/2010) Marking greater than 3 decades of proud service to Seattle. Feel free to google Imperial Sovereign Court System to learn more.
by Mr. Unity XX February 14, 2010
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