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1. Refers To A Housing Project In New Orleans, Called The Magnolia Housing Projects.
2. Shortened name for the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle
"Man we got to go pick her up in the Nolia, fuck those rich bitches."
by G1 Crew February 23, 2005
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To ejaculate large amounts of semen. As in Peter North, the cumshot master.
Man I had a wood for so long with that girl. When I finally busted a nut, I fucking Northed it.
by G1 Crew June 18, 2005
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1.Sacasticly referring to anyone who is homosexual or has a questionable sexuality.
2. Someone who is not cool at all
3. Fark
1. Man fuck that guy he is such a straight man
2. Dude look at guys, Straight men
3. Mark Schlosser is a straigh man
by G1 Crew September 28, 2005
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Eugene A. Walsh (1911-1989) He wrote the greatest book of all time, Giving Life. This book came in not only the assembly guide but also the leaders guide. A true hero in the Catholic community. Studied extensively in a course taught by Ron Ellis (aka Walsh Jr.)
Man this class sucks, but at least we have Walsh.
by G1 Crew May 19, 2005
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Bust nut on tits

Code for saying a girl has big titties which I would like to bust a nut on.
"Damn dawg, I would hella BNOT her"
by G1 Crew June 23, 2004
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