One who not knowing the code or combination to a particular slice of ass is nonetheless able to get inside the ass
Frat boy 1: "dude is so wasting his time on lulu bitch NEVER gives it up"
Frat boy 2: "not. Dude is a total ass cracker. He will be in that ass before midnight"
by drpoonandtheteenangels April 25, 2009
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a cracker that is inserted neatly between ones ass cheeks.

(think the bird in Aladin, the type of crackers that are always being inserted into his mouth by the think of those sticking out between ones butt cheeks)
Hey man wanna an ass cracker? With a lil butt cheese they are better than ritz crackers!!
by Madam Buttcheese May 5, 2007
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(1)- a loud fart that comes out of no were,normaly 4 to 3 seconeds long.

(2)- a insult to some one , to white ppl often.

(3)- i fire cracker actually sounding like a fart. not like a f c
after the fart- holly fucking ass cracker

dude you such a ass cracker , get out of hear..

haha nice as cracker , sounded funny , lets do it again..
by gabeeee July 29, 2008
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A term used to describe a man with a large enough penis, to brake the anus of the woman or man he is having anal intercourse with.
"Damn, his's cock is so big, he is definatly an ass cracker!"
by Ereh November 28, 2003
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When someone threatens to "serve you some Ass Crackers"

The best definition in in the example

They some in three flavors

Jackass crackers, dumb ass crackers, or smart ass crackers
Derek- " Would you like some Ass Crackers? "

Joe- " What are those?"

Derek- " It's when I take your ass, and serve it on some crackers "
by Sam Kovacs October 7, 2009
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craig mothafuckin' burdis
Craig wears flannel in August and fucks his bitchy sister.
by ben williams July 16, 2004
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