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A specific type of slander fabricated by women against a man to conceal any kind of embarrassing truth.
Humiliated from being rejected by Glyn, Lynne decided it was in her best interest to tell her friends that Glyn came in to her, it was a viscous case of mander!
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen December 16, 2014

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Someone who is high maintenance and really just isn't even worth it
Guy1: "Mikes new girlfriend is so damn needy and she's beat."
Guy2: "ya totally high maintenance! "
Guy1: "You mean why maintenance? Hahaha"
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen December 15, 2014

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A very good looking person that requires a lot of attention. The same exact thing as high maintenance except you recognize this persons exceptional looks.
If Glenn required a lot of attention, which he doesn't than he would be fly maintenance.
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen November 05, 2014

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the act of substituting confession with urban dictionary while using an alias to clear your conscious
Ashamed from jacking off in the tomato garden and disenfranchised from learning the fresh vegetables in his salad came from said garden Lloyd took to the internet under the alias tomato wackier to clear his conscious, it was a urban confessional.
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen October 08, 2014

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To reappear in someones life. The opposite of pulling a houdini
All though Glyn is exhausted from countless bounds forward in his quest to better himself he has vowed not to stop working 24-7 on his personal growth until Eve pulls a reverse Houdini and re-enters his life
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen November 01, 2014

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A female fly enough to turn a normal man a little loopy, it's a compliment.
If she is nutter worthy, then she's a keeper.
by G-MacbookPro_witdaRetinaScreen January 21, 2015

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