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Cock dew is the last few drips of urine still in your schlong when you're done pissing.
Some people say if you shake more than 3 times you're playing with it, this is bullshit. We merely don't want cock dew in our pants.
by Funker_joe September 14, 2006
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Popcicles that you get at the supermarket that you freeze. They are manufactured by Jel-Sert.

See: God.
Flavorice is so damn good, I can eat one of the 500 count boxes in a week.
by Funker_joe January 18, 2005
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Bill O' Reilly is a cock whore.
by Funker_joe January 17, 2005
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What dumbasses in chat rooms call you if you piss them off.
Funker_joe: Shut up, you're a moron sxyb0i420.

sxyb0i420: funker-joe isa bich!!1/
by Funker_joe January 17, 2005
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A phrase that idiotic scene and emo kids put in all their stupid profiles. Usually placed along with a poorly cropped, sparkling 9mm pistol, possibly with some sort of annoyingly colored, bright liquid coming out of the barrel.
Found in the signiture of a Darkstarlings user's profile: "Bang bang baby".
by Funker_joe October 27, 2005
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1. A person who is a member of the site vampirefreaks dot com. It's another website for shallow morons who have nothing better to do then follow trends and use the word "pseudo" far too often.

2. A Yahoo Messenger chat room under the category of music.
VFboi22882283: i wnna suck ur bluud. and im not a poser
by Funker_joe May 08, 2005
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The start and end of the Republican constitution.
by Funker_joe January 17, 2005
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