8 definitions by Fuckhead

John Valby a funny ass guy who makes parodys of songs such as xxx titanic and puff the magic tampon
i cant believe i have to be the first one to put in a def for the legendary Dr.Dirty
by Fuckhead April 2, 2005
When the male penis get really small and shrinks in size because that dumbass is walkin in the freezing temperature, freezing his ass off. He should at least wear some layers if thats gonna happen everytime hes fuckin cold. No bitch wants to go near a fuckin penis thats had shrinkage!!!
Patrick should wear some damn pants if his penis is gonna get that small uz ain't nobody sleepin with that thing tonight!!
by Fuckhead April 25, 2003
A band that is so good that the world shall never see its likes again.
by Fuckhead August 5, 2004
Somebody that you look at like a peice of shit and you'd rather be wipin ur ass with them then to be lookin at them or even go anywhere near them so u call them an asswipe so they know that your ass respects them more then you ever would.
Barney is a fuckin asswipe that all the little shitheads want to use to wipe their dirty asses..
by Fuckhead April 25, 2003
Man I wish I had bought a pet rock instead of this N-Crap.
by Fuckhead August 5, 2004