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What most people constantly beg for with a comment in any YouTube video. Mostly in form of an exact quote from the video being watched.
Shitweed911:"Anyways, just die already" LOL that's so hilarious! Thumbs up if you agree!

by Frozen-Flame July 14, 2011

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Day 9's best catch phrase of all time.
Okay guys... here we go!
by Frozen-Flame November 13, 2011

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This type of crap is copyrighted... Anyone that tries to steal and/or borrow ideas without permission will be poked with sticks to death.
Guy:Hey check out this crap!

Business Man: What the??? that's my ©rap! *pokes with sticks,while being assisted by random business men*

by Frozen-Flame July 28, 2011

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The ultimate dick known to man.
Dicky Dick McDickerson: When you weren't looking, I ate your some of your fries, and SHAT on the rest! *laughs dickingly*

Friend:....you dick.
by Frozen-Flame November 23, 2011

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A sudden rush of nostalgia that has been stock-piled for a long time being unleashed. Most of the time it's because of fun stuff you've done in the past and now once again allowed to relive those time, or at least remembering them...

Usually in form of not being able to think straight because of the awesomeness that just happened. A feeling where you just want to smoke a cigar, grab a minigun and drown anything in sight with lead.

This feeling is uncommon, some just get "Nostalgia" but this is in rush form which makes you totally unprepared and you'll be completely overwhelmed by the feeling. Which leaves you there incapacitated thinking about it rather than anything else.
James:*Sees Dave playing Galaga* What's tha- *nostalgia rushes* Wait,wait,wait,wait,wait... o-oh my god, hold on. ohh-hh man Nostalgia Rushing! So much badassery!

Dave:Woah dude you cool?

James: All cool man, just Oh y-Yeahhh... Damn, I feel rejuvinated! Hug me bro! (all homo intended)

Dave: Get the hell off me!! If you're having another Nostalgia Rush I'm outta here!

James: D:
by Frozen-Flame July 18, 2011

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Several minuscule non-biological "mites" that somewhat looks like acid when I saw the G.I. Joe Trailer. These bastards chew through anything in the variety of wood,steel,cloth,flesh,pop-tarts. I have yet to find out if it goes against water but nonetheless they are badass.
Bob:Hey man you got some kind of green shit on your arm.

Bobby:What where? Holy crap get it off me! At first it was itchy now it feels like a shitload of tattoo pen thingies.

Bob:Dude go dunk your hand in some water.

Bobby:Right! *Dips* You Goddamn asshole! They're traveling up to my throa-- *choking noise*

Bob:Well says here they are apparently called..SPOILERALERT!!! you ready? Nanomites..... oh and you're adopted.

Bobby:(distorted) Well that blows.
by Frozen-Flame July 07, 2011

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A person who puts their shoes on the fluffy sides of the escalator in an attempt to clean their shoes even if they look perfectly fine.

Risks include but are not limited to:

1. Getting your foot between the moving part and the brush thus clutching your foot that will cause so much pain.
2. An awkward look from the people beside you.
3. Shoes would get dirty for real.
*person puts places shoe on the brush*

Guy: Dude you're such a Escalator Brusher.

Person: Don't give a fuck.
by Frozen-Flame October 20, 2011

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