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Several minuscule non-biological "mites" that somewhat looks like acid when I saw the G.I. Joe Trailer. These bastards chew through anything in the variety of wood,steel,cloth,flesh,pop-tarts. I have yet to find out if it goes against water but nonetheless they are badass.
Bob:Hey man you got some kind of green shit on your arm.

Bobby:What where? Holy crap get it off me! At first it was itchy now it feels like a shitload of tattoo pen thingies.

Bob:Dude go dunk your hand in some water.

Bobby:Right! *Dips* You Goddamn asshole! They're traveling up to my throa-- *choking noise*

Bob:Well says here they are apparently called..SPOILERALERT!!! you ready? Nanomites..... oh and you're adopted.

Bobby:(distorted) Well that blows.
by Frozen-Flame July 07, 2011
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are extremely microscopic robot forms usually measuring in the incredible scale of nanometers. They have been used by both Joe and Cobra forces in their never-ending battle to stop each other. Military use is not the only way to utilize these amazing machines as there are also more beneficial applications such as in the field of medicine and construction.
by DrewsFavoriteWord June 26, 2013
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