A desert region northeast of Los Angeles. A few small desert towns clumped together forms the high desert which is along the way to Las Vegas off the 15 freeway. Anyone living in Southern California and has driven to Las Vegas will have driven through it at some point. In movies and television they are depicted as well as filmed as a ranch-like cowboy/farming community that seems to be home to alien invasions. Famous Cowboy Couple Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were the prevailing celebs, who before they passed, called this place home. Playboy playmate of the year 2002 Dalene Curtis hailed from Apple Valley(one of the towns). Barstow and Hinkley, two towns in the high desert, was home of the famed Erin Brakovich story set of the motion picture as well as many other movies. When Dierectors need a landscape comparable the the Iraqi Desert, the Holy Land, Arizona, and parts of Mexico they film it here.

Very distinct type of dress for ages 15-30. Girls have ambiguous highlights and lowlights in a thick chunky pattern ie. "the skunk-effect". Red Dickies pants are must as well as the other brands SKIN Industries and Independent. For beauty Heavy black eyeliner and light frosty pinkish purple lip gloss on a pale face. Guys' fashion entails the same brands as the girls except they where long denim shorts with pretty much anything. Their hair is usually bleached beyond belief banana yellow and extremely spikey. The harder the better for the spikes. Realy dark black or white sunglasses followed-up with large hoope earring or guages in the ears. Most popular form of entertainment is off-roading with cars, trucks, dirt bikes, or ATVs. Most popular getaway is the River(Colorado)or Lake Havasu. Easily picked from the crowd by fellow high desertian. Most popular job choices seem to be construction, nursing and teaching. No university currently built so most youbg adults commute to Cal State San Bernardino or they go right into the work field.
"Dang that tatto that she just got on her back is so High Desert."

Los Angeles person #1: Oh my gosh I cant wait to go to Vegas this weekend."

Los Angeles person #2: Oh I know. I hope our room is nice at The Palms."

Los Angeles person #1: I'm sure it will be. So do you think we should stop in Baker and see the world's largest thermometer or should we stop in the High Desert, depending if the traffic isnt horrible we could get a burger from In-N-out.
by Stephanie Ainsley November 23, 2005
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The facial mullet - The extreme goatee. The facial hair the is gown on the chin in abundance but shaved on the sides and long in the front.

Often worn by men who need to keep chins warm in the cold high desert.

Common among hunters and motorcycles riders.

Squirrel tail glued to the face.
Check out the high desert mullet on that guy!

When BFW asked to ride on the back of his Hog, he stroked his high desert mullet then roosted her as he rode away.
by bikeridermore March 29, 2013
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A school located in So-Cal, full of a bunch of swell people who will one day make a lot of money or else end up as fry cooks in Mcdonald's.
Oh, you go to Xavier College Preparatory High School (Palm Desert)?

Yeah, why.

(alkward silence)

Just askin'
by JoeSmithnotachick May 27, 2011
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