How this religion came to be: On the island of jamaica a bunch of christians came together around a camp fire. Not having any wood to burn they unknowingly threw massive amounts of weed aka(ganja, hemp, mary jane)into the flame. The high that followed lasted for days, and days and days. At this time period, there was a restaurant called Zion. Being that they had the munchies for a month, they ate massive amounts of food at Zion's. The favorite menu item was jahfries. However, massive constipation soon followed the ingestion of said item. The only cure for this type of constipation was to dig JahRoots up out of the ground. Thus, Rastafarians around the world love jah roots, and wish to get to Zion, where jahfries are abundant.
Me and my Rastafarian acquaintance are on our way to Zion. Brrrraaap!
by JahRootsBrrraapp! April 28, 2009
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Origins in Jamaca and deeply rooted in africa culture, this religion was the medium for those who opposed the oppression of Babylon, to speak out and live a rightious life as it is written, whilst beeing proud of their own roots and movements.
Rasta eat a diet of veg fruit and fish, keep their bodies mind and sould healthy by staying active in global issues, and moving to brake the shackles of Babylons oppression. One method to this freedom is Ganja, which is believed to have gorwn on King Solomons' grave. Ganja lets the Rasta see what Babylon denies because of their greed and corruption. (Babylon refers directly to white oppression against the black ppl at the time of this movement; and now represents global oppression and repression).
"say I hear the voice of a rastaman say, babylon yo' throne gone down..."

I and I 'no one love; yag't one fear: JAH Rastafari
by zebraboy November 19, 2004
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A common religion amongst black jamaicans that look up to the past Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie. One of their most famous acts is to smoke marijuana as a symbol of religious practice. To be rastafarian one doesn't have to be black in fact to be rastafarian it has to come from the heart. Another famous practice is that of dreads on their heart.
by daniel rojas November 18, 2004
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A religion that focuses on reaching zion, bringing down Babylon, and worshiping jah Rastafari using marijuana to meditate.
Timmy: gee bob you are quite a Rastafarian with your cannabis sativa and your natty dreads.
Bob: thanks mon, praise jah
by jahmama March 11, 2009
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A sect, originally Jamaican, whose tenets include revering former Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, one of whose titles was "Ras Tafari." Also rasta or rastaman.
Many reggae singers are rastafarians.
by cornholio October 13, 2003
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a made up term most likely by white rasta. RASTAFARI and rastafarianism are not the same, because rasta no deal wit ism and skism.
Lady: so what can you tell me about rastafarianism?
InI: what rastafarianism? ini nah deal wit rastafarianism, ini only deal with rastafari! Seen? Rasta no ism n skism, rasta jus rastafari.
by Ras Sampson October 13, 2005
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but controversial part of the movement's religious practice is the smoking of ganga, or marijuana, as a sacrament to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The physical appearance of Rastafarians is distinguished by uncombed, coiled hair known as dreadlocks, which symbolizes the mane of the Lion of Judah (one of Haile Selassie's titles), and the wearing of red, black, green, and gold. Most Rastafarians follow special diets and many are vegetarians.
by Craziness January 17, 2005
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