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Pizzlin' like a warm soft rain from above.
It be drizzlin' like God be pizzlin'
by Freyjawired August 25, 2013

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1. The unfortunate event that you have the giggles, and shart while giggling.

2. A silly, spasmodic laugh; titter from
ill-concealed amusement which turns into nervous embarrassment from

an impromptu shitty fart.
Marvin and Lucile were thoroughly satistfied with their adventurous dinner date at Sloppy Joey's, until they both had chili giggles.

The chili giggles struck suddenly while we were all cracking jokes.

That questionable buffet looks like a great source for some chili giggles.
by Freyjawired July 03, 2017

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When her pussy is so tight, he jackknifed his dick when attempting to penetrate. His dick bends instead of entering.
Girl, you're so wet, yet so tight I jackknifed!


Have you ever seen a dick jackknife?!
by Freyjawired November 23, 2016

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