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Best band ever www.indefenseofkurtcobain.com and www.justiceforkurt.com courtney love killed kurt cobain, and the case needs to be reopened, rome(kurt was on tour in rome when he had an "overdose") was a murder attempt by courtney and dewitt (the pussy ass nanny), they tried putting rohypnol (date-rape drug) in his champaine, it worked but he lived instead of what they had planned on happening, kurt had no drug but rohypnol in his system
by freddy April 17, 2004
Term for someone who sucks up to people in order to get what they want.
Have you seen Mark butt munching Phil to get his bonus?
by freddy January 31, 2003
A senior at NRHS who thinks he is the shit. Also named as Grant

Can also be used as monger of shit
by freddy March 29, 2005
Mid-western term for a woman that is
even worse than/less desirable than a
skank. Usually over-weight, but not
neccesarily, and must be kind of slutty
with the required ankle tatoo. Also
denotes a lack of intelligence and is
an easy sexual mark, i.e. an easy lay.
Look at that one, she is a major dirt leg.
by freddy February 3, 2004
The combination of sadism and masochism, in particular the deriving of pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting or submitting to physical or emotional abuse.
like a dominatrix
by freddy April 28, 2003
The hottest and sexiest pussy on WWE, with nice long legs and sexy tits
watch WWE and you'll see
by freddy October 14, 2004