A human being that has amazing abilities in everything they do on earth. They are therefore considered "god-like" and dubbed a "dewitt"
John is in NHS and lettered in Football, Basketball, Track and he's got all the girls in the school after him. He's such a DeWitt.
by Alack January 24, 2007
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the tiny hick town that sits right on the edge of lansing. no really, i can walk from one side to the other in less than 5 minutes!!
friend: how many kids did you say were in your class in DeWitt?

me: 50, and they're all stuck up hicks.
by gamerchik May 5, 2011
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A suburban area in new york. lots of white people in certain parts.
Im a black man who lives in DeWitt and in certain parts it is really hard to find black girls. There's so many white people.
by unknown baller July 4, 2008
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A disease that a child has from birth which enables it to grow a chin.
Look at the strange looking boy I beleive he has Dewitt.
by Scott' January 15, 2009
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High School outside of Syracuse known for its high population of Jews, lax bros, and basketball team. It is also known for its tendency NOT to recruit, but still be better athletically than CBA, its rival, which does recruit. Basically, JD is the best public school in Syracuse.
Where do you go to school?" "Jamesville-Dewitt." "Oh, so you're Jewish and rich?
by CuseBball21 November 26, 2010
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A school in Carrollton Tx where it’s mostly border hoppers and the moment you enter that school your a drug lord or vape addict
Person 1: woah your hitting that vape?
Person 2: yea so?
Person 1: you must be from Dewitt perry
by Yellowtrance February 15, 2023
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A complete legend from the short-lived Joss Whedon TV cult masterpiece Dollhouse. She is as hard as nails. She can take a bullet without flinching and runs the Dollhouse very well until it ultimately leads to the end of the world.

She doesn't like Caroline which is understandable because Caroline seems like a bit of a nob.

Basically, an example of perfection to us all.
Amy: Adelle DeWitt is a legend!

Gareth: I concurr.


I was watching Dollhouse and Adelle DeWitt managed not to wig, despite having been shot and the approaching end of the world.
by Giant Mushrooms July 3, 2011
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