54 definitions by Frank Palace

1. the vaginal substance with an inherent property that tends to destroy thought or impair feelings.

2. something harmful or pernicious, as to happiness or well-being of a man.

3.to administer pussy poison to a man.
5.to kill thought or injure a man's logical processes with or as if with pussy poison.

6.to put pussy poison into or upon; saturated with pussy poison: to pussy poison a man.

7.to ruin, vitiate, or corrupt: Lust had pussy poisoned his mind.

8.Chemistry. to destroy or diminish the activity of a man's normal rationalization(a catalyst or enzyme).
He's been pussy poisoned and he can't resist the urges.
When his wife gave him a good dose of pussy poison, he had

sex with her granting all his desires and fantasies just to change his mind about an issue.
by Frank Palace April 14, 2010
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Something funny you write for Urban Dictionary while spending time on the toilet.
After writing so many definitions on Urban Dictionary while on the toilet, I realized I was a Toiliter!
by Frank Palace November 3, 2018
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SLUTTY UNAVAILABLE VIRGIN. A virgin that acts like she wants to have sex with everyone she, or, he meets.
I met this beautiful woman that was acting so slutty, but when I made my move she told me she was an unavailable virgin!
by Frank Palace March 21, 2021
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What you ask a blonde woman that has a sweet ass.
I met a gorgeous blonde with a sweet ass and asked her, are you sweetassh?
by Frank Palace January 8, 2012
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The deli Cunt that gives you an attitude when you ask her to make you a…
Monte Cristo sandwich, an egg-dipped or batter-dipped ham and cheese sandwich that is pan or deep fried. It is a variation of the French croque monsieur.
I went to the deli today and asked the pretty woman for a Monte Cristo sandwich. She became the Cunt-of-Monte-Cristo when she couldn’t figure out how to make it, she got more upset when I told her to GOOGLE IT!
by Frank Palace July 16, 2022
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What you call a beautiful woman when you want to be with her sexually.
I met a beautiful woman today,I asked her if she was iwrish. I sure wish I could hook up with her.
by Frank Palace January 8, 2012
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A politician that is trying to convince us of their hollow truths.
President HOLLOWTICIAN went on and on how he will make our country better, but his statements were hollow with lies!
by Frank Palace April 16, 2021