26 definitions by Francis

The act of sucking out the cum from inside the girls vagina after having sex with her. Usually done by a third party whom has not taken part in the sexual act.
That chick just fucking had some new england clam chowder last night. It was AWSOME!
by Francis March 21, 2005
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walking down a hall and running at full speed into lockers
we swivled straight into the lockers!
by Francis June 15, 2006
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a bushism: means the same thing as subliminal, only its pronounced by doubuya (W)
sublimidable messaging
by Francis January 27, 2004
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What a ghayness.
That's the ghayest thing i've ever heard in my life.
by Francis December 30, 2005
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refer back to party of '03 at Molly's.
That was a hobag of a time!
by Francis April 27, 2003
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I put all of the email addresses in the FWD slot.
by Francis November 25, 2002
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A man is having doggie-style sex with a woman, spits on her back to make her think he came, then as she turns around, he splooges in her face, "suprise!"
see above
by Francis May 28, 2003
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