11 definition by FourForeFor4

Person: hey can we buy some mayo ketchup?
Human: actually it’s called Caribbean dipping sauce
Person: oh sorry I forgot
by FourForeFor4 May 14, 2019

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When you are just casually sitting somewhere and someone left sauce in the floor and you don’t want to sit there anymore
Person: let’s sit here
Human: ew no there is floor sauce
by FourForeFor4 May 14, 2019

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A nonexistent apple that grows on pine trees
Person: I was really hungry but I only have a pine apple and it’s not real
via giphy
by FourForeFor4 May 13, 2019

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When it is almost Halloween and somehow there are so many opportunities to do Halloween stuff and you do them all but actual Halloween is kind of anticlimactic
Dude I’m so hallobloasted this year
by FourForeFor4 October 27, 2019

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