94 definition by Foug

When the secret of PTF is discovered.
CDawg: um foug...
Fug: WTF!!!!
2 Hours Later..
Fug: Woo I just got half a slice of pizza for $20
Rayjammer: The legend continues..
by Foug September 02, 2003

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When your just on your way, not just a travel destination but just anywhere.
When something is just going your way!
Snowman: Another round?
YoNoid: Giddyup
by Foug March 28, 2003

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known too many as the band clam chowder, known to the very few as my brothers band. often used in social situations in the garage in awkward situations when bitches are around.
Tycho - who is on the radio
C- i think they said clam chowder
A - thats my brothers band
*smoke bomb*
stranger - I'm flying star guys guys guys
by foug January 13, 2005

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although not hidden is often missed by the average joseph, Entry to the hall undergoes intense scrutiny by a select few. Hall of Fame has been damaged in several falls to the ground often occuring in visitational rights revoked. in order to alienate visitor even more, another game? is put in effect where members leave visitor in bathroom to ponder what they just said...
Foug - ha ha *bang*
C - *stares*
noiD - aNother gAme?
by foug January 16, 2005

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common in badly dubbed martial arts movie. used in social settings initially at the greeting but also during commercial breaks at awkward silences to rescue the group from random foug facts
A - *sitting alone*
intermission room door opens
C - waaa
guest - gets up off of tub edge and stands in demoted area
by foug January 13, 2005

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1) small usually single-wheeled vehicle that is used for carrying small loads and is fitted with handles at the rear by which it can be pushed and guided

2) A finishing move so powerful its been so often referred to the US Shock and Awe Campaign, where the motive is to nullify or imbolize your opponent
All I wanna do is Bang Bang Bang
by Foug March 24, 2003

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located in the heart of the city on 650 portland street unit 10. known as the staging grounds for cigaweed ingestion followed by games night. rumored celebreties comic book guy and shaggy (scooby doo) are know to have made multiple appearances.
Mrs A - where you going
Fug - Gameplay
Mrs A - with who
Fug - alone
by foug January 13, 2005

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