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A creepy German guy who speaks to Americans in a condescending effeminate voice.
At the Art Gallery some "sprechensidouche" asked me if I wanted to touch his monkey.
by Fotofly November 23, 2010

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1. one who purposely misrepresents themselves on the internet in order to mislead others into thinking they are worth getting to know.

2. a poseur
Online dating sites are full of dotcomachameleons. I really liked Bambi's profile, but when we met, SHE turned out to be fifty year old DUDE!
by Fotofly December 04, 2010

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1. tasty rue-based soup that contains cannabis butter.
I ate that lobster cannabisque and got totally baked!
by Fotofly December 02, 2010

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1. the state of ones hair after getting out of the bed in the morning; bed head.

2. whenever afro hairdos are in style.
Napoleon Dynamite never fixed his hair before going to school. Eventually his wild puffy hairdo became the status fro and everyone adopted the style.
by Fotofly November 29, 2010

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1. the state or quality of sweat being sticky or slimy; a measure of uncleanliness that considers the quantities of hair grease, sweat, and dirt on an unkempt person recorded on a scale from 1 to 10.
Joaquin Phoenix registered an 8.5 on the "Elviscosity" scale during his spaced out performance on Davis Letterman, he looked like hadn't showered in months.
by Fotofly November 27, 2010

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1. a soothing elixir made of hot herbal tea, agave nectar, and Maker's Mark bourbon. Often used for sore throat relief as well as stress relief.
After a cold stressful day of working outside, I couldn't wait to get home and fix myself a tall hot Tourbon!
by Fotofly December 08, 2010

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1. the long hair hanging out of a player's football helmet, causing you to question the sex of that player.
Damn, that is one nasty drag shag that woman is sporting in the backfield, I didn't know Whoopi Goldberg played football?
by Fotofly December 04, 2010

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