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1. (n) A small marijuana cigarette rolled tightly, and lacking in marijuana content. Usually sells cheap on the underground markets.

2. (adj.) Marijuana that is of poor quality.

3. (adj.) Diminutive adjective to express displeasure for an activity.

4. (adj.) Used to describe objects that are small and/or of poor quality.
1. I'm gonna go and smoke this pinner in the washroom 'fore maths class.

2. That guy sells pinner weed.

3. Man, this game is pinner.

4. That's a pinner pencil you've got there.
by Forsyth April 28, 2004
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masculine noun

Term local to Newfoundland, particular the Metropolitan St. John's region.

A. 1. A person who makes deliberate attempts at starting trouble in public places, usually picking fights with anyone passing by, or by shouting insults and obscenities at random people.

2. Usually characterised by choice of music (predominantly rap), and style of dress (much bling-bling, EXCO clothing/Columbia jackets)

3. Perhaps most closely related to the North American "wigger" (white nigger), they attempt to personify the agressive afro-american culture embodied in rap music. This, again, is done through loud blasting of rap, their style of dress, and inexplicable agression.
Perhaps better explained as an overagressive wigger, in many cases.

4. Verbally, can be distinguished by liberal peppering of any conversation with "fuck(ing)" "faggot" "queer", or any combination of the aforementioned. Often used in both private conversation with friends (eg.: "Buddy, you're some fuckin' queer, wha?"), or in public address, in psuedo-attempts at agression ("FUCKIN' FAGGOT! Yeah, walk away, you FUCKIN' PANSY QUEER!").

5. Usually associated with vices of society - excessive drinking and smoking, oftentimes with drug use.

6. Usually found at their peak between the ages of 12 and 18. Younger than twelve, they are usually psuedo-skeets, who put forth such an appearance for public display.

feminine form of skeet - Squaw.

Usually defined by similar standards, "squaw" is generally used to define the female companion of a skeet. Equally agressive, for no particular reason, these are usually the girlfriends of skeets.

B. Derogatory term generally used by a person fitting the definition in A to define a counterpart or acquaintance in an insulting way.
A. *person one accidentally bumps shoulders with person 2*
P2. "Watch yer fuckin' step 'er I'll pound ya flat ya fuckin' faggot!"
P1. "Sheesh, that guy was such a skeet."

B. *person 2 from above example meets up with person 3*
P3."Dat party last night was some wicked, wha?"
P2."Nah, 'twasnt, shure."
P3."Why da fuck not? Too many fags like you?"
P2."Buddy, ya fuckin' skeet!"
by Forsyth April 28, 2004
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-A Canadian 20 dollar bill (so called, as it has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front).

This term is in frequent use throughout the province of Newfoundland, and perhaps further throughout Canada. Primarily associated with "skeets" (see definition).
"Buddy. Can ya lend me a queen? I needs ta get some weed."
by Forsyth April 28, 2004
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-To lend or loan, as in money.

Again, the origins of this term come from the Newfoundland "skeet" vernacular.
"Buddy, can ya huck me a fin? I needs me smokes."
by Forsyth April 28, 2004
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