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Apart from the linguistic debate, the word "squaw" has become offensive to many modern Native Americans because of usage that demeans Native women, ranging from condescending images (e.g., picture postcards depicting "Indian squaw and papoose") to racialized epithets (Green 1975). It is similar in tone to the words "Negress" and "Jewess," (Adams 2000) which treat ethnic women as if they were second-class citizens or exotic objects.

"Were you to read Winslow's description of his visit to the Indian chief, you would be greatly amused. Massasoit had no provisions in his wigwam, so he and his guests went to bed hungry. Besides, Winslow and his men had to sleep side by side with the dirty chief and his squaw, and they were so crowded by other Indians that they were very uncomfortable indeed."

Notice the language in this paragraph. "Dirty chief and his squaw". This article is also a highly inaccurate historical depiction of what happened during the first thanksgiving.

by Tommmmmmmmbom May 10, 2012
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"Squaw" DOES NOT mean vagina, or any other body part for that matter.
The word comes from the Massachusett(no S)
Algonquian tribe and means: female, young woman.
The word squaw is not related to the Mohawk word "ojiskwa": which does mean vagina.
There is absolutely no derogatory meaning in the word "squaw".
"Squaw" has been a familiar word in American literature and language since the 16th century and has been generally understood to mean "an Indian woman, or wife.
The Navajo people practice a dance called the "squaw dance" to this day.
by Urban Dictionary September 10, 2005
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A racist and sexist term for a female Native American.
by Anonymous September 1, 2003
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Mispronunciation of square, primarily used by Eric Cartman in South Park
EH! I will kick you squaw in the nyuts!
by Edwardo Ka October 3, 2006
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When I'm older I plan to marry a beautiful squaw and live off of her money!
by Teddy April 10, 2005
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your a squaw

Sophie and Maria aren't squaws
by squawsophieandmaria December 2, 2009
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