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When you order a healthy or low-calorie item in order to give the appearance of sticking to a healthy eating pattern, then load it up with fattening ingredients in order to make it taste better or delude yourself into believing that the proxy food is still healthy. Gives the outward appearance of a healthy choice, when in reality it has as many calories and as much fat as the not-so-healthy meal that you really wanted in the first place.
Jordan is on a diet, so she ordered a salad. However, she really wanted a hamburger. So, she ordered the salad in order to look like she's sticking to her diet, but then she topped it with lots of cheese, bacon and ranch dressing. Now her salad has as many calories as the burger that she really wanted in the first place. Her friends praise her for sticking to her diet by ordering the salad, not taking into account that all the extras have put that salad into fat-bomb category. Jordan is 'eating by proxy', whereby the salad is the 'proxy' for the 'fattening' hamburger.
by For Whom the Bell Trolls June 21, 2013
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Also "dog walker". A homosexual male, usually (but not always) rather effeminate. So called because of the greater-than-average percentage of gay males in the pet-care and pet-grooming industry, and the fairly common practice among gays as well as straights of walking dogs at the park or other public place as a way of meeting people.
"Man, check out those two guys over there with the pink poodles. What a couple of dogwalkers!"

"That sissy works for my veterinarian. The job suits him perfectly-- he's a real dogwalker."
by For Whom the Bell Trolls October 7, 2007
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A very small dog, usually less than 10 or 15 pounds, usually short-haired but not always. Usually not of much practical use as a watchdog or protector, but kept mainly as a companion by little old ladies, gay men who don't like cats, and Paris Hilton. Includes such breeds as the Chihuahua, the Miniature Pinscher, the Rat Terrier and other similarly sized breeds.
"That rat dog is 3 years old and he isn't housebroken YET?"

"I swear, if that rat dog tries to bite me again, I'll stuff him in a sock and hang him up as cat bait!"
by For Whom the Bell Trolls June 13, 2006
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A baby or child, especially when the parent receives lots of additional benefits as the result of giving birth... such as extra benefits at work that are not available to those without children like childcare stipends, family-leave time, flex or comp time for family or school functions, etc. Golden-larva benefits for the unemployed include easier access to Medicaid, WIC, food stamps and other government or charity assistance and grants.
Childfree co-worker: "Hey, can you stay over for a few extra minutes tonight to help with cleanup?"

Breeder co-worker: "No, I have to leave early again to pick my baybee up from the sitter. Oh, and my sitter can't watch the baybee tomorrow so I won't be in. I'll need you to do the ordering for me, if you would."

Childfree: "Man, I'm doing a lot of extra work on account of you and that golden larva of yours..."
by For Whom the Bell Trolls August 4, 2007
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Bill: Hey dude, I got some baby plants off that batch of seeds I ordered from Amsterdam-- think we could hide some crop in with your parents' tomatoes?

Wayne: DUUUUDE, No effin' way! My mom would crap a brick if she found a bunch of cigarette trees in her garden!
by For Whom the Bell Trolls April 24, 2009
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A fart, especially a rippingly loud and long one. So called because of the sound... "RRRRRRRAT!!"
I ate beans and rice for dinner last night and now I've been cutting rats all day.

"I just heard you rip a rat right then, you nasty bastard!"
by For Whom the Bell Trolls February 7, 2009
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A baby, especially as the result of spontaneous sex.
Brit and Josh hooked up for a few minutes of drunk sex, but she got knocked up and popped out a little fuck fruit 9 months later.
by For Whom the Bell Trolls September 18, 2007
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